Movement Monday: Honouring Mothers

So many other mothers were awoken on Mother’s Day morning to the sound of sizzling bacon, the scent of coffee gently filtering down the hallway, and newspapers being unfolded for her perfect breakfast in bed.

My Mum was woken up by a 6 am alarm, a quick breakfast, and a brisk walk with thousands of other people in the annual Mother’s Day Classic.

Yet another reason to honour my Mum this weekend. When I set out to organise our family taking part in this event, which raises money for breast cancer, my sister was up for the 8km run with me, Dad just smiled and nodded at another one of my crazy sweaty ideas, and Mum put up her hand and said that she would be glad to take part because she knew how much it meant to me.

This morning we all made our way to the South Bank Parklands for the Brisbane Mother’s Day Classic event. Bright blue skies, light winds, and a reasonable starting time (9 am!) made for a wonderful run with Jess. One of the most special parts of this event is the tributes that people make to those who have been affected by breast cancer, and the stories behind the names on people’s bibs.

Today I ran in tribute to all my wonderful patients, my brave survivors, who teach me so much every day.

Thanks Mum for knowing how much this event means to me, and for giving up your yearly sleep in. I promise that next weekend will be welcomed by a pot of English breakfast tea, a plate of classic crepes with lemon and sugar, and a leisurely walk to the dog park to hang with your other (furry) daughter.

Movement Monday

Today a new hot yoga studio opened up in my neighbourhood.

Today I decided it was time for a new challenge.

I have found that the best way for me to grow, and discover all the hidden parts of my person, is to find a cliff edge, walk right up, and jump off.

In this way, I have found a way to do more than just exist.

I am a runner. For the next couple of weeks I will take the challenge of yoga.

Who knows what I might find. A new way to be thoroughly nourished? A new way to express myself? A new community of healthy minded people?

A new movement.